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Yes, we know it exists, but that does not mean that we like it or that it will last long. Most times, we do not know how long the resistance will be in our lives or why it even came up to begin with. But, understand this. We still have three choices when resistance shows up and tries to push us back and impede us from going where we want to go. Choice one – just stop. Hold our ground. Tread water. Stay afloat. Do whatever we can so we are not going in the backwards direction. Send out an S.O.S. and see what ships come to our rescue, never knowing if they ever will. Choice two – allow the resistance to be stronger than we are. We allow its push to be greater than anything else we have learned up to that point. We give in. We surrender. We are left to drift, at the mercy of the resistance. We lose control of ANYTHING. We become a victim. Choice three – we move through it. We forge ahead and even though it is tough, we move – little by little and step by step. It becomes the mission to at least try with EVERYTHING we have to be somewhere different. To be someone different. Each choice has its own costs and therefore, its own benefit. Choice one leaves you with some weariness and may make you put out more effort than you want, especially once you realize you are not going anywhere. Choice two takes you where you have already been, where you hold on to what was and you stay stuck. Choice three requires the most effort, but also shows you that you with courage, strength, and hope you can move through tough times. Are you facing resistance today in your life? We all probably have some of it, even if it is minor, in our lives every day. Resistance can cause damage if we let it. Ultimately, the choice is still ours to make. What is your FINAL ANSWER?

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