When Things Fall Apart

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We have all felt that way, at one time in our lives. When even with the best intentions, things go wrong and we are unsure of how to fix them. Sometimes, there are words that cannot be unspoken or deeds cannot be undone. Other times, time is not on your side and you will never be able to make amends. Situations happen that are out of your control or you have let them get so much out of control that now going back is out of the question. What happens next? What do you say when you are in front of that person again? How do you make it better? What happens if you doing the best you can to rectify this issue only makes it worse? What if you do nothing? We keep trying!! We do everything we know until our hands are raw with the emotion they carry and our hearts are done bleeding because there is nothing more. We do what we think is right even if it turns out wrong. Things fall apart all the time in life – it is inevitable. How we deal with those times determines what goes on from there. We pick up the pieces and move on. It may not be the way it was before, but it just might be the little wake up call you needed to get a grasp on what matters most. Usually, when we are down, we have others right beside us waiting for that moment when we can help you stand back up again. We will help carry the load and be there when you need our help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Nothing ever stays the same, anyway. Things falling apart and being put back together are bound to happen. W

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elcome to life.


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