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Who would’ve thought that my life would turn out the way it is right now? My belief was always that I would take what was there, never really understanding that I could change it. I had to accept whatever was given to me and it was the way it was meant to be. I had a nice lunch yesterday with LL (I remember her name — LOL) as we talked more about how our childhood and past really dictate some of our biggest fears that we carry later on in life. The funny thing is that you don’t have to come from a broken home with no money to have the same fears of unworthiness and self-doubt. We all question where we belong, what scares us, and what we believe about ourselves in spite of our environment. That tells me something that is universal – we all have fear and question if what we do matters and makes a difference. I think now we are at an age when we will see it in our kids and want to try to help them get passed where we still are in our own lives. We want them to learn the lesson about hope and courage and passion earlier than we did (or are doing) in our 30’s and 40’s. We need to take on the committment and willingness to help those around us by guiding them into changing their lives and we can do that in the most simplest of ways…we change our own life. We cannot control what other people think or feel in their lives, but we can impact them in greater ways than we ever imagined. I have changed my life (for good) over the last 18+ months and have noticed how that has impacted my relationships with other people, what dreams and goals I have for myself, and realized what I am capable of doing. But it started with me. When I started this blog, it was for me. I started looking at life in a way I never had before and it made me feel better about who I am and what drives me. Then I started saying, “Yes” to more things in 2010 than I probably ever had before. I began to let people see more of me and let the walls down. I started a very intense exercise program because I had to do it for me, not for Rocky. I still do it for me, but love it when she is with me. My heart started to tell me things that I had ignored and dismissed for years and I finally started to listen. I realized that I did not need to have everything planned out and that some times “Going with the flow” was ok, too. I was paying attention to what I thought was missing in these teenagers’ lives that would be easy for me to incorporate, but could not at work. Then, the bigger cry was heard – the women who are just like me. Women who are trying to find their way, after feeling lost and alone for so long. I am taking on a new project that will be gratifying to those it touches and hopefully they will begin to change their lives. They will see the hope and dreams they have long forgotten. The biggest joy I have ever seen is seeing someone I love live their dream. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Change your life and you could very well change the lives of others as well. It Starts with you.

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