When someone believes

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Have you ever had someone believe in you so much, it actually propelled into what felt like another dimension and you almost instantly began to do things you never thought possible?  Let me tell you…it can happen.  Even daily.  There is a plaque in my office that stares at me every day and it reads, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”  But I have found that I am truly pushed to be more than I ever thought when someone else believes I can.  I have given people hope and encouragement by believing in them and supporting them as they pursue their dreams and I love it.  This gives us hope and we can be surprised by those that we never thought would be in our corner that actually do the most for us.  Not because they want or expect something in return, but because they love us.  Because they see the passion and the drive to our hearts that make us yearning to be more.  Tonight, I have dinner with a great friend and her daughter and we got caught up on things that matter to us most.  KS is a quiet young lady but I see much for her, but she doesn’t see it…yet.  As her mom and I hang out more, KS will see that she can be anything she wants to be…but she has to believe it first.  HR is a great girl who tries to sell to all of us that everything is perfect, but really she is trying to sell a product to the rest of us that she wouldn’t even buy.  These young ladies, as we did, will waste years and broken moments searching for something that they contain within them.  I have been told that I am more blunt than I used to be…my reply is, I don’t have time to play games.  Actually, what I say is even more blunt, but I’m trying to be clean.  Who do you believe in?  Why?  Have you told them lately?  I used to think that it wouldn’t matter if I said that to someone, but I think differently now.  Everything matters.  We all need reminded that we are important and have skills and talents that will amaze even ourselves.  You have to believe.  And if you are not ready to believe in yourself, find someone else to believe in and change their life.  Little things add up — even the right amount of pennies make a dollar — and become powerful.  I believe in you.

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