When random isn’t random

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I don’t believe that things happen just because or that there is no connection between events, people, etc. However, yesterday it came to me about something else – I found a connection (although it may seem silly) between two sayings that I have said over and over in this blog but did not realize what they had in common. My belief is that we can only control two things in our lives – ATTITUDE and EFFORT. I have encouraged you to believe the same, because really the rest is out of our control, so we need to let that part go. Another saying that Rocky and I have is – ANYTHING and EVERYTHING – and this is what we believe about us. Regardless of what it is, we are there for each other. Then, it hit me. I can’t even really explain why or how since I wasn’t thinking about either saying or trying to come up with something cute to say. Yet, there they were. One phrase that I encourage and belief about life has the same two initials as what we encourage and belief about what we mean to each other. How many other things happen every day…EVERY DAY…that do not seem connected in any way? Pay attention to what goes on around you. See people for what they say and wear and make notice of it. One day at work, it seemed like everyone wore purple – no, there was no interoffice memo. But isn’t that interesting? I saw more people wearing purple that day, that one day, than I think I ever noticed before. Things happen for a reason. People say things for a reason. There is someone else that has a plan for us and we have to be willing to be open to it.

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