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Can one voice make people listen? Can one thought inspire more thoughts? Can one dream create more dreams? I believe the answer to these questions is “YES!” Those questions were easy…this one is harder. Do you believe that you are that one voice, have that one thought, or have that one dream? Remember and earlier post about changing lives starts with me changing my life. Same thing. Over the last few weeks, I have met more women for lunch that I might have in the last year. Some of these women I do not know very well and others I have known for a long time, but never let them see the real me. I have three lunches next week. I love sitting with them and talking and we think and share and learn more about what we want out of life. And why shouldn’t we get all we can out of the one life we have in front of us right now? The more I share of me, the more I begin to realize that we are not alone in our quest to live our “best” life. Most of our lives have many events in it that we did not plan for and yet we basically let go of the wheel completely. We cannot do that. We need to understand that we still can do all we want to and it will happen when it is meant to happen. Your voice and the words you use are powerful and impact others when you think what you said didn’t matter. Sometimes, you may not even remember what you said. That happens to me a lot. Someone remarked to me once I get into my “mode” that I am doing my thing, that I change into someone different. But I do not even realize that I do it. My voice gets heard. Maybe not that day, but someday when they least expect it. My thoughts and dreams can inspire others to have change their attitudes and find their own dreams. I love watching someone who is so committed to their dream that they will not waver…they will not cave. They are there in it for the long haul. Regardless of what happens. One voice can change the world. One thought can change the world. One dream can change the world. That is what is on my agenda for the rest of my life…what is on yours?

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