When faith is all there is…

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In these days after horrible loss, unspeakable acts, and unforgiving reasons, we fall to our knees as we clasp our hands with one another, begging to make sense of why innocent children and the staff at the elementary school in Connecticut became victims at all.  The one question we will always ask that will never be answered is, “WHY?”  Most of our questions will be the same and although we can suppose that the immediate families suffer the most, we all suffer.  First responders that train for this type of scenario, never believing that it would ever come their way.  Townspeople who will watch as once-playful children deal with the scars left on their innocent souls.  So what do we do in times like this?  We pray.  We call upon our faith to make it make sense.  We mourn the loss of precious lives lost for no reason.  We cry until their are no more tears to come.  We find a way to move along, in our some-what unimpaired lives to move forward.  We remove ourselves from getting too close, knowing that if we do, we cannot be of use to anyone around us.  So, our only choice is to rely on our faith…whatever that is and however we need to get there.  We will get there.  Each of us in our own time.  And we all know that we all may revisit these moments when we find ourselves grasping at anything to process what we see and what we feel.  We want to go back in time and take back those little moments that we wish we could hold onto and stop time.  But, we can’t.  We cannot change what has been done.  Our nation will come together as we all grieve for the loss of life for the 26 victims and their families in the upcoming days and weeks.  People in other countries will resonate with our pain because regardless of what language we speak, feelings and emotions are universal.  Let the focus be on this small town in our nation and may these families all know that they are loved, we are thinking of them, and we are sending our prayers.  Right now, faith is all there is.

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