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Be strong in them.  Believe in what you know in your heart is true and right.  Yesterday, I was reminded of courage and what it truly takes to be courageous in situations that generations had run from…literally.  A co-worker shared about an incident where another human being was going to be mistreated because of something he did not do.  it was not fair nor did the situation unfold the way it was first presented.  But the more DM struggled with what was to occur to this man because of not fault of his, she was compelled to speak up and try to right what was about to go wrong.  In order to do that, she had to make a call to someone who is pretty tough.  But she did it.  Not for her benefit or for her glory, but because it was the right thing to do.  This man may never know who stood up for him, but it inspired me all day.  It still does.  Last night, I watched a movie that infuriated me at the beginning and I found myself disliking characters being played out in the movie,  but fell in love with others because of their spunk and wittiness to “stick it to the man”.  These women had everything to lose — and some had lost everything too — but when they found their dignity again, they stood up.  First, as an Army of One, then Two, then a roomful.  And it began because someone else cared more about what was right than what was “normal” or accepted.  Sometimes, our convictions can alienate family and friends because they are worried for possibly ramifications that come our way or they don’t want the road to be difficult.  In understand that, but shouldn’t all great deeds come with a price?  “The price for anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau.  What prices have you paid to believe in something more?  Have your convictions always been what has led you?  If you seek attention or a name for yourself, then you are never doing anything for the right reason, as much as you want to believe it or try to convince others of your true intention.  You know, deep in your heart what motivates you.  And you know if it is at the expense of another or to benefit another.  Do what is right…give more than you receive…expect nothing…but always, always stay true to your convictions.  When the time comes to be stand up for them, you will find the courage to do so.  And others will be watching and listening and take their que from you…if I forget to say it then, thank you for reminding me to do the same.

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