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I was told today that I needed to remove this word (whatever) from my vocabulary. I am not going to like admitting this, but the person that said this is right. She says what I need to hear, even if I don’t want to hear it. We kind of do that for each other at times. I have thought more about that comment since it was said and reluctantly accept that just saying that one word, “whatever” makes me take steps backwards. I need to move forward. Especially in the context in which I said it, too. I chuckle now to myself as I remember what she said afterwards — I was giggling so much after she said it that I stopped walking. How many times do we just tolerate and give up because we are unsure of where a road may take us? Does my saying “whatever” make it so that I cannot accept the very thing I was talking about should the situation change, either way. I think when I said it, I really just meant that I am ok with whatever happens next, but apparently that meaning was left out. I used to say “whatever” a lot more, but did not realize that someone else was “counting” how many times I said it. Just makes me wonder what else I say that she is paying attention to that I don’t realize. Life isn’t about “whatever” – it can’t be. It needs to be more…I wonder what people would think if I said that all the time. But “whatever” could be taken as “no matter what happens, I accept the outcome.” So, BFF :-), I could be right in the way I intended it, but maybe my voice did not accurately inflect that same intention. Please take note – I will make sure the words match the tone going forward. HAGD.

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