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Life happens so fast. I remember one of my sons saying that his present life is like a video or DVD – happening in real-time and his past are composed of snapshots of what his memory affords him. Some things we remember, others we do not because we were too young or because of our advancing age, we are now too old. Ironic, isn’t it? One of my ways to preserve those “snapshots” is through scrapbooking. I have not done it in some time as new projects and other priorities have recently taken most of my time. I will get back into it soon as I am several years behind, and get more behind as the minutes and days go by. That, I cannot change or stop. We also like to share stories of when the boys were little that they do not remember and now they have those stories to share with their friends and their kids, too. We also tell them about when we were dating and how we met so they know that story. I think it is important to tell stories of our past. It reminds of where we were. Now, some memories might bring pain and sorrow and it may take you back there, but that is not a bad thing. It happened. You felt. It’s over. You are not. Other great things have happened as well. We love those “snapshots.” Our yesterdays have been combined to bring us where we are…right now. There are things that I never want to forget and so I try to remember them, even if I think they are dumb and no one understands why. Sometimes, they make me cry and others make me laugh. I often remember where I was when something was decided or done. I have a list of such things, events, and funny sayings and although a certain song inspired it, the list keeps growing. In fact, I hope that I can keep adding to the list for a very long time. That list is my little “scrapbook” of memories and sometimes I need to take time to remember every now and then. Do you take time to remember? Really allow yourself to go back in time and feel that memory? I have found that certain words or a song might trigger a memory and then my emotions come to the surface…I find tears welling up more often than they used to, that’s for sure. Your connection to those special pieces will always be with you and your reason for being is forever tied to them. Share your memories with others and your story will be forever be instilled in the people who are closest to you. I once asked someone if she would remember me…I know she will. Today, this posting is about those people, events, and places that are forever a part of you. They are what make you YOU. Remember who you are and the sum of the memories that brought you to today.

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