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Yesterday, I visited a friend who was in the hospital. He did not know I was stopping by, but it was important to him that I take time to say hello, hold his hand, and wish him a speedy recovery. His wife did not know either that I was going to make a quick visit, but I know they were both glad I did and it was important to me. How many times do we have an opportunity to do what is right, something that just takes a few minutes out of our day to do little like that? Probably more than we want to admit to right now. It is easier not to offer a quick prayer for someone who asks for it, because we think it doesn’t matter. It is more convenient for you to just hustle inside a store instead of taking a moment to let someone go ahead of you. We get so caught up in our every day lives, that we forget about what is really important. What you say and do matters to someone else – even if you think it doesn’t…that it shouldn’t. We have no guarantees about what we get in this life other than we all have a guarantee of death, at some point. I was not much of a “hugger” before – that would have meant that I would have to be comfortable with giving of myself and I wasn’t ready to do that. My hugs were not superficial, but nothing like what I give out now. I even find myself telling the person I am hugging, “don’t let go.” I have apologized for holding on too long because I thought it was too much. I was reminded by that person that maybe she needed a big hug too. Someone from my past was not comfortable with giving a complete stranger a hug, but I told him that it was just a “hug” and it might just make that person feel whole and cared about that day. I give hugs because they are important to not just the receiver, but also to me. I feel connected and cared for, and loved. I tell you what…some of the world’s best huggers are the wonderful people I work with every day. Certain people get hugs when they leave my office and I have been known to give a good one, now and again (or so I have been told). What is really important? When life looks at you and makes you really check in with what you hold dear, never regret not giving someone a hug. They are free and you get one back whenever you give one. Plus, there are no calories in a hug, so you can have as many as you need or want every day!! It is important to remind ourselves that what is most important in this life are the people we share it with. Make sure that they know it every day because we never know if this is their last day or it is yours. Say what you need to say. Don’t hold back. Rule 22.

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