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What do you love? What brings you true joy in your heart? Here are a few of my favorites: 1. I love lying on the grass outside when the sun is out, but there is still a nice breeze to make it not too hot and not too cold. When you hear the leaves bristling against one another as they are just beginning their spring awakening, as all creatures become alive again. 2. I love when my husband grabs my hand to hold whether we are in the car or walking in public. It tells me so much more and it tells others the same thing. 3. I love to make people laugh, especially Rock. My “interesting” view on life can bring such laughter that is genuine and even a smile can be “heard” over the phone. 4. I love to surprise people by doing something and not ever letting them know I did it. It is not about recognition – it is about loving someone more than yourself. 5. I love learning – whether it is information about new technology (which sometimes can intimidate me) or sharing our pasts with great friends. 6. I love a warm cup of coffee (with sugar and flavored creamer) on a cold, Nebraska winter morning. Just for a moment, I can take in the heat from the cup as it travels through my entire body. 7. I love to run, especially when the sun comes up. I never thought I would even like getting up early and going by myself, but I do. I love it when Rock is with me, as that is how I normally start my day and then the day just always seems better than without it. 8. I love to write and talk and encourage others to believe in themselves so that tomorrow can be different from today. I love to watch them decide that they can be stronger than they ever thought before and go “all in”, but they have to trust and have the right attitude. 9. I love to see our sons and those I love excel and shine, doing their thing. Pride was not an emotion that we were exposed to when we were young, but it comes at many times as we get older. It comes when a child does well in school; when a friend is no longer afraid of what she can accomplish; it comes to the surface when you remember fallen soldiers who served our country proud. 10. I love knowing that my future has yet to be written. Nothing is set in stone and decided. I love knowing that everything is possible. You are possible and I’m possible. Passions start and dreams are created because you try something once and then fall in love with it. You realize that you will never be the same as you once were and you take on a new life, one that leaves you speechless and humble and forever changed. What do you love? Do you share that love with the others in your life? I certainly do, every day.

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