Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and especially step-mothers. Now, you may wonder why I said especially step-mothers. In retrospect of my life, I understand how difficult that role must have been for someone, who was not a mother by her own right. It would be like getting hired for a job that you have no experience doing, no real knowledge or education, and you move right to the top of the corporate ladder to be co-CEO with the other head of the household. Can you imagine that? I am not sure I could. Maybe you know someone who has had that same experience or still does. I know I do. It may be confusing and unwanted to smaller children who don’t quite understand why this woman is now telling me what I can or can’t do. I lived that for 9 years with my step-mom and even though we don’t stay as connected as we maybe could have been, I am grateful for my sisters who celebrate their first Mother’s Day and one who will be a mom for the first time hopefully this week. Because CLRL knows how important I have always been to my sisters and how important I am to them, she gives more now than perhaps she did then. Mom’s give their hearts, even when they know they can be broken, and probably expect them to be. They do more than what is expected because they can and they want others to be happy. I ran into someone I once was good friends with today and realized that this was her first Mother’s Day without her mom who had passed away. She was very close to her mom and I know that she misses her dearly. I received a couple of texts from family and dear friends wishing me a “Happy Mother’s Day” and wanted to do the same for you. Step-moms are the unsung heroes that people forget about, but they probably try harder at being a mom to someone else’s kids. They do it because they love the kids’ father. Thank those that have influenced you to be who you are today. Chances are you would not be who you are without your mom, regardless of the time spent with her, whether or not you are related by blood, or just believe that she treated you like a mom should. Thanks, Moms, for all you do to make us better.

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