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I am not sure that there is anyone that likes to wait.  Whether it be the call that comes for a new job or the test results — either one could change your life forever.  Lately, more health concerns seem to be coming to those I know and care about and it is so frustrating…having to wait…having to wonder.  Someone told me once that “Knowledge is the enemy of fear.”  It is more difficult to address what we know rather than the unknown.  Our imagination will play tricks on us and we will have to find the courage and strength to find hope in the sea of waiting.  I know some people who are very inpatient — either because they have trained to be (they must have the information, like RIGHT NOW!) or they just are in constant “go fast mode” all the time.  Do you wait well?  A friend of mine stopped by to ask my opinion about something and her first reaction was to say something…I suggested that she wait.  I am not sure how she will do with this, but standing still is difficult.  When we have no other choice but to watch and see what happens.  When we have to just accept what we do not know for sure.  Friends of mine and co-workers are experiencing health scares that all seem to be coming all at once and that makes me a little nervous…waiting for the other shoe to drop.  All of these health issues are close enough to sting and make me pay more attention to my own health and those I love dearly, but, boy, is it hard.  Anticipation and helplessness come to mind as I send prayers, thoughts, and everything I can think of to say as they enter a new life, but not one they picked.  It was handed to them, but not in a pretty box or with a cute bow on top — it hit them all of a sudden, with the force of a tornado, where snap decisions are what you begin to live by.  “Living” out of a hospital room as you watch your husband “sleep”…waiting for surgery for a double mastectomy…enduring treatment that may be ongoing…it never ends.  We all find times when we have to wait, even if it is for a traffic signal or to register our car.  It is what we do in that time that defines us.  Try to settle your hearts…stay focused on what you know…wait patiently.

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