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Michelle Homme 2011 ©

Don’t you have to at least do this? Sure, it is easier not to, but really? Don’t you want to be able to say, “I did that!”? Even if falling on your rear while you descend the 40 foot rock wall can be a lot of fun, you might have allowed the terror you thought would keep your feet on the ground to stop you. I have noticed and allowed myself to try new things lately…a lot of new things. Things that TOTALLY (remember, from So Cal) make me nervous to where I could be getting “the look” or the “flipping pages in the magazine” reminders. But, I am trying. “Before you quit, try.” – Ernest Hemingway. Don’t you owe yourself that much? No one will do it for you. Plus, you get the greatest joy when you can say, “I DID THAT!” And when you try, you live with no regrets. When I look back on my life, I have plenty of things I wish I had done differently. But we usually only wish we could change those things that turned out badly. We do not usually wish we could change those things that worked out well. But living with regrets means you hold onto those things you cannot change. Someone told me once that I would learn not to regret, but I really did not know what she meant. I love to give to others…it absolutely brings me the biggest joy. I can take the easy ride and not try, but sometimes what is easy for me might be difficult for others. Yoda said, “There is no try…there is do or do not.” Because essentially, if you try, you do. Right? Right.

Michelle Homme 2011 ©

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