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I sit here on Saturday morning thinking about the day ahead of me. Crazy as it may sound, I am trying something new with a friend in a few hours. Most of my life, I have been one who didn’t want to depend on anyone, so I did most everything by myself. No, it is not because I am an only child – I am actually the oldest of 4, on my dad’s side. I learned independence at a very young age and was very reluctant to ask for help, and even became angry when someone would offer to help me. Just ask my husband when we were first dating and working at the grocery store together in California. I interpreted accepting help was a sign of weakness and did not want to appear to be weak. Now, I see it as a sign of strength because it is when we swallow our pride and allow others to come to our aid that we actually become stronger than we were before. Also, we learn what our true limits are because some of us believe we can do anything. Even Superman needed Lex Luther, his arch nemesis. Superman needed Lex to test his abilities and learn what devious plot he could foil. I am in unchartered territory for me and it makes me nervous and hopeful at the same time. Is there a question about whether or not I will survive this huge ordeal? No. Should it be this big of a deal that I am taking up space and time writing about it? No. But all new things we encounter and experience make us nervous and excited all the same. More often than not, we usually have a good experience – unless you compare it to my first of two massages I have ever had. That will have to be another topic for another post. Point is, be willing to try something new – even at the urging of others – because at some point we all have had to try everything we like now in order to find out that we like it or don’t like it. Make a journal of the things you try during a week and write down your reactions. Plus, it is always fun to look back at when you first tried something. Have a FANTABULOUS day!!

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