Give a compliment, a smile, or a hug

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There are so many times we are too busy to smile at someone you pass in the grocery store aisle or to even give a hug to a loved one. We need to take time to give a smile to perfect strangers or give a new friend a hug. It is even better to give a compliment. Have you ever seen someone’s face light up because at that moment, you cared more about them than yourself? I love the saying about how people might not remember what you did or said but they remember the way you made them feel. You will make them feel important, if even for a moment. It is so rewarding to take the first step and go outside the comfort zone and say good morning to someone you don’t know. I wave to people in my neighborhood and the lots of people as I drive around town. My boys will ask me, “Who was that?” I’ll say, “I don’t know.” Now, I admit, I am better at giving than receiving – always have been. But I am working at it. I am trying to be better at thanking someone for noticing me and making me feel important as much as I try to do the same. I want to encourage you all to keep giving it away. We are never too poor to afford a hug, smile or compliment. They are free to give and can keep giving. I promise the more you reach out, the more comes back. Give it a try!

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