What it took to believe

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What does it take to believe?  To believe in what, you may ask?  Does it matter what the “it” is?  And I am not talking about a guess either.  Have you ever been stunned into silence when someone comes into your life and instantly sees something in you that no one has ever seen before?  I have and it still stuns me to this day.  Have you ever believed in something so much that no failure, no doubt, and nothing to show for it would ever allow you to question it?  Ever?  How about your belief in someone else?  Ever believed so much in someone else that watching them succeed was your own success?  What does it take to believe that you deserve more, better, or even just different?  Many of us ignore what we really need to pay attention to as we mosey through life.  But have we forgotten to what we believe to be true?  What stops us from believing?  Outside influences can really take their toll on what we do and don’t do.  Upsetting the “apple cart” and picking up spilled apples becomes something we just cannot accept and we take cover.  Ever run and hide from something because you didn’t want to face it?  We all have.  If you aren’t willing to admit it, then you just showed us a perfect example of the same.  What else stops us from believing?  “It’s too hard to do more!” may be settling in your mind right about now.  The words, “I can’t” become an excuse that fits every empty blank that follows, so it looks something like, “I can’t __________________.”  As I near a new milestone, I am reminded of the road I took to get here and what it took for me to believe.  Sometimes, I have to just shake my head because it almost seems unbelievable as don’t know how I made it here.  But I did and I know it is real.  Have you ever questioned something because you did not understand it?  That was me three and a half-year ago.  When words came to me without warning and I could not really comprehend what was happening, so I did what most of you would do.  I freaked out.  I believed that there was a purpose and a reason for this occurrence and although I could not explain it, I also knew I had to trust it.  I had to believe in it.  As I began to share that belief with others, my tipping point came when someone believed in me so much it scared me.  It scared me so much I wanted to run and hide but that didn’t work.  As much as I wanted to change the world, I did not believe it was possible.  I came to accept that I could only my life and believed in the promise I made to myself.  But as I now look back on the years done by, I realize I have done both.  Do you know what it took to believe that this could happen?  No, you can’t.  No one ever will but me.  What does it take for you to believe?  Why is it so difficult for us to believe? “…because the bad stuff is easier to believe.” – Julie Roberts, from “Pretty Woman.  That kind of thinking has got to stop.  Right now.  No one will ever know your story or what brought you to this point in your life, but if you believe in it, it is yours and never forget what it took to believe.  Believing frees you… “Runaway” by Mat Kearney

Michelle A. Homme © 2013

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