How would you grade your life?

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Can you do life half way?  Would you want to?  If you are, why?  Have you ever turned in a homework assignment, thinking you had done really well, only to receive it back with a grade lower than you expected?  If you had to grade your life – based on effort and time spent on it, what grade would you give yourself?  Most of us skate by with an “average” grade – as a reminder – that’s a “C” or 70%, based on most educational systems.  Sometimes, we fail miserably — so big you feel like someone sky-wrote it so everyone can see it.  Other times, we fall short and no one knows but us.  Do you feel like you only give 50%?  Maybe you go at sometimes kind of half-assed , knowing full well that you could have done more?  Maybe given more?  Why do we only give our all when it is all on the line?  Shouldn’t we be more of who we truly are as close to 100% of the time?  My parents are former teachers and my dad especially used his red felt-tipped pen to grade essays, and tests papers in his English classes.  No one wants to fail — no one sets out to do that.  Are there moments when you were a rock star and owned the stage, as you stood in front of adoring fans?  We all have moments that we wish we could do over or change what we did or did not do.  Are there pieces in your life that you need to improve to make better?  Yes, me too.  Truthfully, I have not been very motivated lately to get up at my normal 4:30am to walk/jog my 5 miles that had become my staple of how I begin each work day.  I do not believe it is one defining factor, but also know I need to get back into it.  How would you grade your life?  The best part about life is that you can still study and do the best you can and then one of these days, you are going to ACE life!  If you need to change one thing, what would it be?  Sometimes, if we feel like we have too many things to change all at one time, we can let them all go because we are unsure of which one to do first.  But if you do a little bit at a time for each one, then you will start to see improvement in all the areas.  People can choose to take life head on or to barely take part in it.  And what is so ironic is that people are quick to want more from life, but are not willing to put more into it.  Guess what?  You get what you put into it.  Don’t barely pass…don’t be average…be excellent in your life.  You can win at life… “Win” by Brian McKnight

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