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Today, we had our first significant snowfall for the season and I loved it! It really wasn’t too cold and as long as you were careful, driving around town was not too bad. I even went out less than an hour ago to pick up our son from the movies. Last night, we went to a production that gave a live performance of most of the Christmas songs we all love. Yes, Santa was there. With the peacefulness of the snow falling and the decorating of the tree, it reminded me of this time of year. Growing up in Southern California, it could be 85 degrees and sunny on Christmas morning and I grew accustomed to that. It was not unheard of and probably more usual every year. Then, we moved here and as the boys got older, it was such a joy to watch them make snowmen in our front yard, build snow forts, and of course, have snowball fights with each other. But for some reason, this year is different, but I am not sure why. Part of the production last night included many different cultures and how they celebrate this time of year and I learned a thing or two as well. So, as we are rushing around town to get that one last gift that has to be mailed tomorrow, stop…breathe…and remembering what this season is about and why it means something to each of us. The blanket of fresh snow gently rests on my yard while I stay warm inside, I am blessed this season and look forward to beginning 2012 with even greater anticipation!

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