Things unravel

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This time of year, we can feel so overwhelmed. For some of us, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is…life itself has us going on all cylinders and we feel like if we stop, then we will not have the strength to get back up again. Like a string on a sweater that seems to just barely noticeable, something gets pulled on and then the next thing you know, everything is falling apart. Looking back, you can’t even remember what started everything in motion. I ran into a friend this week at work and she told me in a matter of hours, her son had lost his wallet, locked the keys in the car, and the battery died (as his friend waited once inside the car when her son was looking for his wallet). I know what that feels like when everything seems to be hitting you all at once. I have to replace three major appliances this holiday season (yeah for me?!?), but you must have them. Because the alternative is more of an inconvenience than NOT having them. How do you react when things start to spiral out of control? Do you shut others out? Do you vent to those that will listen? Do you ask for help? I told our son this week that his attitude about a situation that would not change would have to be what changed. He did not like it, but he knew it. There are times like this in everyone’s life…I mean, they say things happen in three’s. So I guess, if one thing happens, pay attention, because usually there is a couple more headed your way. If you had the three already come to you, then maybe they are done for a while. Pick up the pieces of that sweater and put it back together as best as you can. Know it may not be exactly they way it was, but it is better than not having it at all.

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