The thrill of life

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Are you tiptoeing through life?  You know, like people do…hoping no one hears them?  Isn’t life supposed to be lived?  And what makes you feel more alive than when something exhilarates you and your senses?  Can’t you just feel the excitement?  This past week, I have downplayed an important passage I have taken and what it took to get here.  Others have tried to get me to see the importance of this passage and I have refused to allow them to truly see what I feel…the thrill of being alive. Have you had a thrill lately?  One that takes your breath away…one that stops you in your tracks…one that makes you second guess everything you thought to be true?  Is learning and growing something you look forward to or something you want to run from?  I know people who have no desire to change at all.  They are very comfortable in living in routine and do nothing to change anything.  Ever.  They eat the same meals, watch the same TV shows every week, and complete the same “assembly line” work for years.  Know anyone like that?  Yeah, me too.  And what happens when you have people who are constantly moving forward and others that have no desire to move at all?  It is difficult for them to exist together.  Even if one person doesn’t want to change their own life, they can support others that do.  If they truly love that person, they will unconditionally encourage their loved one to seek adventures.  Are you a tip-toer?  Or are you someone who wants make a little more noise?  I don’t like making noise so people will notice me…I make noise so they will notice themselves.  Think back to when you last had a blast at doing something and you wanted that moment to never end?  We all can find a few, I am sure.  I know I can.  Be thrilled in what choices you make and the people you keep in your life.  Live with some craziness, but never let you get so wrapped up in it that you forget what life is all about.  Recharge your soul from time to time and then if something captures you in a way that lifts your spirits, stick with it.  Don’t spend another moment living a life you don’t want to live.  If you are someone who wants to feel energized and tingle a little as you get through life, then go be thrilled today!  It just very well could be the best day of your life!!  “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors

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