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Do you have any plates or some wine that sits there, waiting for them to have life when a special occasion comes along?  You know what I am talking about…that dress that never gets worn…the vacation that never gets planned…the flowers that never get sent…just because.  What is more of a special occasion than life itself?  Isn’t life the most precious occasion ever that we will ever experience?  If you knew beforehand that you would never get to use those plates, open that wine, or wear that dress, would you take a few moments to enjoy them while you could?  Of course you would!  Our family experienced the loss of a family member this last week and as sudden as it was, I am forced to remember the last time I saw my loved one, which may have been at my sister’s wedding about 5 years ago.  Her wedding was a special occasion, but I did not realize at the time that my spending time with my aunt was also something to be treasured.  Are you making your life a special occasion?  Shouldn’t you?  We all get hurried through life, sometimes just barely getting through one day just to get to do the same thing the next day, and it is only in these moments that we are forced to stop and prioritize what means the most to us.  Is there one thing that you have always wanted to do and have put off doing because you think you have time to do it later?  Well, when does later become now?  When you know you won’t have “later?”  But what happens if you don’t get that chance to make amends, accomplish something special, or even just tell those people in your life that you love them?  Our lives are a scrapbook full of memories that will make us smile and make us cry.  We are forever changed because our experiences shape our ideals and morals and the people we meet impact us in ways never though possible.  Isn’t life special enough to call for sending flowers or a card to someone just to let them know you care about them?  Does there have to be a reason?  No, there doesn’t.  Create more memories to put in your scrapbook and the scrapbook of others when you spend money on a dream vacation.  Open that bottle of wine and use those plates every day.  I have never understood why there are living rooms and dining rooms in houses that never get used.  I remember being told that those rooms were for special occasions and that is when they were used — for opening Christmas presents or eating the Thanksgiving day meal.  Does this sound familiar?  Probably to most of us.  We need to take advantage of EVERY moment, not just the special ones, that we hold dear to live and to share our life with others.  Tell those people that you love them TODAY!  Dress up for school and it will make you smile.  If a dish gets broken, who cares?  Fall in love with that memory too!  Life is precious and can be taken away in a matter of minutes and sometimes that is all we have.  I hope you take chances when they come to you and I hope you dance…  “I hope you dance” by Lee Ann Womack

Michelle A. Homme 2013 ©

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