The Second Act

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I have started looking at my life in two parts…just like a play. The first part was mostly the set up, with descriptions, background information, and certain players that may or may not stay important to come back for the Second Act. I started the Second Act about two years ago and can tell you that since I let “life” take a role in this important play, I absolutely love it! When I flub a line (yes, I have done that), I carry on. When I forget what to do next, I improve. When I show up late for opening night, I apologize. When there is a problem with the backdrop, I fix it. Even though I am only two years into this part of my life, I know it is so much better than the first part of my life. I can feel it. I know it. When does your Second Act begin? Who are you inviting? What are you waiting for? The name of this blog has always been, “It Starts Today” – and that is for a reason. It has been one of the founding points that came to me when I first opened up in sharing what was going on in my life. I cannot always explain where these thoughts come from and have to trust them. Trust them with my eyes closed and let go of any previous notions or expectations. Because this life will not be what I expect it to be. I was not the playwriter for this play. I am merely an actor taking part in it. Some times, I might be on center stage with the entire world looking at me as I share these thoughts with everyone. At others times, I am off stage waiting to be called upon once again. Maybe I am on stage, but in the background somewhere, where I remain until it is my turn again. I am sure there are times when I sit in the audience as well and take it all in, watching the beautiful acts occur just before my eyes. I love to watch from that vantage point the best. I have been called a “silent partner” as Rocky’s dream turned into reality. I like being in the shadows, where no one knows I am there, but I have access to all of the best places to see what unfolds before my very eyes. Her Second Act is simply amazing and I know she feels the same way. My Second Act is here and it is not something that I am in a hurry to complete, either. I am more prepared for life and all of the ups and downs that go with it and are almost expected from it. My Second Act is just getting started and when the curtain comes up again, I am ready.

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