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Just like on a rollercoaster as you quietly wish you could change your mind, but also know that there is no turning back. Today, something exciting came to me. I shared it with a few people and actually found words that will accompany it as well. Yes, you will have to wait. But I am off to a new adventure as I start this new year and cannot wait for the joy and excitement that waits for me. I know it will be greater than I ever could imagine and am still so humbled by the fact that you are along for the ride. I have to accept that it will not go as I plan (because it is not my plan), but embrace this gift with the open arms in which it was given. I am looking forward to everything that it will and will not be and am encouraged by the answers that seem to be coming to me. That tells me that it is right. That the way is as it is meant to be and I sit here with a huge grin on my face as I continue to almost find the right words. How do you describe pure elation? When you almost fill as if your heart will explode because it seems to full and your trying to contain it would cause more damage than good? When telling someone would be an injustice, because now they know and might require you to keep your word? it is important to share exciting news and I cannot even really explain why this happened today. Most of this blog has been something that has transformed into what it is, with almost very little real thought from me. I type these posts free hand (pardon the occasional misspellings) as the words come to me. Sometimes, the hands are slower than the mind, but we do the best we can to keep up. Now, we begin a new chapter and will keep you updated on the progress. Hold on…because here we go!!

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