The question you never need to ask

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I have questions, but I do not always have answers.  Sometimes, I have both.  But there is one question that never needs to be asked…the one where you already know the answer.  And the answer never changes.  We can have moments of doubt and wonder what will happen next as we play out the day’s possible scenarios in our head, but realize there is so much that we do not have control over. Life is meant to be surprising, in good ways and bad, and we will never be able to be able to stay ahead of the game and really KNOW.  Answers can be easy if we are forthcoming enough with them, but asking questions that are difficult aren’t always so.  To some people, asking questions about a process means that you are questioning them, but you are really just trying to understand the way things work a little better.  I have never been one to just do something “because I told you to” so the military would never have been a good idea for me.  Do you ask questions?  Even if you don’t like the answer, are you better for having more knowledge than you did before?  Chances are that you are and you know it.  Do you sometimes regret not asking questions that linger longer than they need to, but because you are afraid to ask, you don’t?  Yeah, that happens to me too.  Then there is the one question that never needs to be asked. The one where doubt can never live.  Do you know which one I am talking about?  Come on, you know…that one question when secretly you wonder if it matters or if they care.  You almost shamefully bow your head and dismiss that itty bitty question, because you already know the answer.  We all have done it.  I know for some people I will never need to ask this question because I already know the answer. No matter where I am, I always will.

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