Frame of reference

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I have posted some positive quotes to my Facebook account lately that are there to inspire, but someone that I love very much hinted that they actually make her more depressed when she reads them.  I was confused at why she said they made her depressed when she reads them.  That is never my intent — to make someone sad or upset when they reads these quotes or my own words.  But I understand why someone might feel that way.  She told me that these words were “too deep” for the craziness in her life and I also can appreciate there are times when we are barely getting a chance to sit down, can’t sleep at night because of the millions of things running through our head, and we feel like we are stuck in the path of a tornado.  Some people might call it meditation to get themselves to a place where the craziness stops and they can get their footing again.  Most of my words are merely shared with you but they are words and thoughts that everyone else thinks or wants to think.  Why don’t they say these things?  Why don’t they believe them?  Because most of us are afraid to think them and say them, so believing them is completely out of the question.  I am not afraid to go there.  If the thinking is, “Why go ‘there’ because nothing will change and even if I want it to, I don’t have time for it to anyway.  Therefore, it is a waste of time.”  Are you thinking that right now?  The truth is hard to admit sometimes, but once you are completely honest with yourself, you actually set yourself free.  Your frame of reference starts to change and you are able to adapt what you still need to do with what you believe you can do.  Someone told me recently that I was doing amazing things, but I really don’t think that what I do is that amazing, but I know that I was able to do them because she believed I could.  I will never be able to repay her for that.  That is what those quotes and my words are supposed to do — to get you to think that you are more than what you see before you now.  And then, something ABSOLUTELY astonishing happens right before your eyes — you see before you someone who has changed forever because her frame of reference changed.  It starts with your wish for something different and then to go get it, because your heart tells you to and you cannot deny that request any longer.  Your passion for life begins when you starts using those quotes and my words to not be afraid of wanting something different…something better…and believing that it can be is how you begin.       Michelle Homme 2012 ©


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