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Oh My Golly!!! (OMG!!!) Where to begin?? Today was a spectacular day. An even though little things from a variety of people happened and made their presence known, I treasured each one. Of course, it started with my morning ritual with Rock. Once she called these “meetings” and they seem to become more of those recently as we discuss what happened in the previous 24 hours and what will occur in the next 24 hours. It just makes me smile. Then, I received a Facebook message from someone and all she said was, “love ya, girlfriend”. Now, that may not seem significant to you, but considering I have known her for a short time and we have become friends since March is a great thing. We just connected, even though in the past our paths only crossed because of work situations. Now they are about to collide, but in a very big, exciting way. Next, a young man called me to tell me that he had completed the program he was working on and promised me that he would stay in touch. I see the promise he has for his future. At lunch, I had a WONDERFUL time with SM…she believes in me and my passion and we have become good friends as we let walls down and each other in. Love it! A young man came to my office – just to visit. Not because he needed to but he chose to. I asked him if he ever thought he would be here and he said, “No.” I asked him what I said that made him come back – he said, “you told me that the choice is mine.” One of my favorite quotes is, “You will never change your life until you change your choices.” He knows that he has potential and can see it. Finally, I gave out fun dip to co-workers…after all, it is FUN DIP WEDNESDAY. Now, you are probably scratching your head, really thinking I am crazy. The purpose of Fun Dip Wednesday is to remind us to have fun…do something unexpected…smile when you think you shouldn’t. All of this tells me I am on the right track. I told someone today that I could not find my back to who I was even if I wanted to. I don’t, but couldn’t. I would feel more lost trying to live the life I used to live than living a life I have never lived. How ironic is that? The unknown seems more exciting to me than what I have already experienced. Not sure that this has homework for you from here…but every post is done with a reason in mind. Today’s might be to just share with you that I am getting confirmation that what I am doing is right. That it has people talking. That we are not alone in our thoughts. That my willingness to bare all (ok, not all – LOL) and connect with you allows you the freedom to do the same. BELIEVE!!

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