I refuse

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I refuse. This is the name of a new favorite song and I need to be reminded of what I won’t do from time to time. For example, I refuse to give away my power. Allowing someone else’s comments, mood, or actions should not dictate what happens to me for the rest of the day. I will not let it. I refuse to take “no” for an answer. In my mind, it just means, “not right now”. Someday, the answer will be “yes”. I refuse to give up – ever. On anything. I love challenges and will keep fighting the good fight. I refuse to go back to my old life and the old me. It is not who I am now and although that life was good to me, this life is much more fulfilling and purposeful. I refuse to take on things or continue to do things that do not make me happy. My heart has to be in it for the right reasons for me to do it. My head saying, “I should” will not be enough anymore. Guilt has left the building. I refuse to worry about those things that I cannot control. I have to worry about me – and what I can do to make my life the best and love deeply. I refuse to do nothing when I know I can make it better and inspire others. I refuse to believe that my dream and the passion behind that dream will be in vain. It will change people – it already has. I have seen it, even when I did not realize it had. The key was that by being me, I was living it. Now, we are going bigger. Much bigger. I refuse to be perfect. I will make mistakes and learn from them and I will grow each time. I refuse to waver when things are tough, when people hurt me, or when I doubt because I over think. This will motivate me to keep pushing through and know that although I may have come out of it with a few scars here and there, but I will be better for it. I do not know about you, but I get a sense of extreme power when I say the words, “I refuse.” What are you refusing today? You can..try it. It will be a GREA

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T day…after all, it is FUN DIP Wednesday!!!


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