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Have you ever done that? Where you did something, maybe got caught up in the moment and where it was taking you and then after it was all over, you took a step back and said to yourself, “Did I just do that?” I do that ALL the time. Not because I am second guessing what just happened (ok, maybe I do that too), but more about my part in what just happened. After Tuesday night, I received a nice little text from LL – she said, “You just might have saved a life tonight.” Whoa. As much as I do not always believe that I have the ability to “save someone’s life”, I also understand what she meant. She meant that maybe someone’s life will be different because of me starting the G.I.F.T and where some of these wonderful women travel going forward. I have planted the seed and hope they continue to come so that we can grow together. I surprise myself everyday when I find something to write about here or in talking to someone new about my journey. That happened this week also – a guy I work with who will be known as “Your Holiness” or YH for short and I had a nice conversation about life. Before I know it, I was telling him about my blog and the G.I.F.T and my dream. YH tells me that he has been out to check out the blog and that we will talk more. He and I have had casual conversations at work, but we got here real quick. I was not doubting what I shared with him as being something I regretted doing, but was merely surprised that it occurred at all. But I am glad it did and look forward to our next conversation. I surprise myself all the time at where this crazy rollercoaster of a ride is taking me. I will be surprised many times and will relish those times and smile when it happens. Best ride of my life so far and I would not trade it for anythi

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