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Many times, I do not realize or really comprehend the effects of something I say or do and how those good things can positively impact others. In fact, I probably dismiss it more than I should. I am getting better, though. I was visiting with someone Friday and although the quote may be off slightly with a few words and I do not know who said it, it is VERY true. “If you tell a woman she is beautiful 100 times, she will never believe you. If you tell a woman she is ugly once, she will believe you forever.” People have been very supportive and encouraging as they have been there and watched the transformation of me and I have tried to diminish those compliments when they come. I don’t believe them, but I need to in order to continue “the change I want to see in the world.” I also visited with GZ on Saturday – love to see your smile – and she told me that she and DB put their hands up every day. The best part is only they know what it means, just like the many, many things that Rock and I share. Sometimes, we forget where we are – sorry, G.I.F.T. ladies. That was not my intention the other night. But in talking with these two ladies, I was reminded about what we have started – something different, something new, something that will awaken you. I have started a ripple effect on everyone that I meet, and I did not realize that I had done that. Even without really trying. Ripples can travel a far distance across whatever surface they are traveling and come in contact with many people along the way. I am amazed when people have suggested to other ladies that they come to the G.I.F.T. because they see the benefit in it and want to include them. When the ripple starts to lessen in strength, I drop another stone and create a new ripple that reaches out again. The ripple of this blog reaches across the globe to many other countries – people that I have never met, but somehow found me and keep coming back to read more – and it started with me telling just a few friends. You can be that ripple. Don’t wait for it to come to you. Be excited to join a ripple and share it with others, like my G.I.F.T. friends are doing. Let your passion guide you and it will not be something you even think about. Do what you love. Share it with others. Start a ripple…it will be contagious.

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