Stuck in the middle

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Have you ever felt like you were stuck in the middle?  Maybe because you were unsure of which way you needed to go, so you didn’t decide anything?  Me?  I just feel like I am stuck in the middle of who I am and who I could be.  Kind of like a race horse standing in the gate, waiting for it to open so I can run, but never knowing if that gate will open.  Maybe it is locked.  Maybe someone thought it was someone else’s job to open the gate.  It’s like wanting to run, but also not knowing if you should.  So, maybe you trot a little…just enough to maybe built up some momentum, but not enough to totally self-propel yourself.  But that just feels like a tease…like you get a little taste of something that you want, but you don’t allow yourself to fully enjoy it.  For some people, the hardest thing is figuring out the what…for me, it’s the how.  Ok, and maybe the lack of time too.  Do you ever feel stuck?  Do we look for others to get us unstuck?  I know being stuck right now is temporary and someday, I will be fully engulfed in the pursuit of my dream.  There are things that in motion that will get me there and some will take a little bit longer to get put together.  I also know that this process is where I am supposed to believe as I believe that everything happens for a reason and things happen as they are meant to, not as I would wish.  There is a difference and recognizing that difference is what makes my adjustment to life better and it changes the perspective I have as well.  Are you stuck?  I know that only I can live this life.  Only I can pursue my dream and follow my heart.  Only I can embrace this journey and share my life with others, hoping that it makes their lives more full by doing so.  But for right now, I am stuck on the middle of this life and only I can change it.  Who I can become will never be something I can foretell but it is something that calls to me and I must follow it as if there is no choice.  Because there isn’t.  So, here’s to being stuck in the middle!

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