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I was completing my morning ritual today and I was reminded of something that we do, we teach our children to do, and came up with the title for this post. This comes when we are teaching our kids how to safely cross the street to avoid being hit by a car. But, then I started thinking how that can be applied to life. We are so busy running errands, transporting kids to and from everywhere, making dinner, working, cleaning the house, etc, that we don’t do any of these things very well, if at all. But what happens when we take the time to Stop…Look…Listen. We get a chance to regroup and be calm. We get to see those things we have forgotten about and maybe needed a new perspective on. We hear those tiny whispers that are prodding at us, hoping we are paying attention. Do you take that time? Why not? Those things that want our focus, will come into focus at some time or another. Sometimes, those times come when it is not convenient or hits us so hard, we feel like we are spinning around on a merry-go-round. We cannot live being on auto-pilot. Not forever, anyway. Really evaluate what you want, what you can change, who can help you, and be patient. Baby steps still gets us in a different place than where we started. Going for it takes a bit more courage as those are giant leaps. Either way, you will be somewhere different and that will teach you something. Stop…just for a moment every day. Breathe. Slowly concentrate on what is telling you something that you cannot explain. Look…at things in a different perspective. Really see them. View life and the people that share their lives with you as a blessing. Listen…to your heart. You will not be able to decipher it. It will be something you MUST trust. Once you have done all three consistently, then you will be in a place where you cannot return to your old life. You have seen more…you will want more…you will become enthusiatic about possibility…you will be who you were meant to be. It will be as simple as turning on a light swith that can never be reversed. NEVER. On occassion, people, places, and events will do that to you as well. You cannot go back. Allow yourself the time to be YOU. Stop…look…listen…

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