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Do you sometimes feel like you are that little hamster running around inside your cage on your little plastic wheel and wondering why you are never getting anywhere? Those hamsters run around for maybe a variety of reasons: they like exercise, they like not going anywhere, their brains are not big enough to process anything more. I am sure we look like “hamsters” when we get on exercise equipment that takes us no place, but we merely do that for exercise. Don’t you want to be somewhere different? Do something different? Be more? In one week, my life changes grammatically and I hope other lives change as well. I was motivated to write this blog after reading one of the quotes I have in my office. It says, “Frustration should create action, not make you want to give up.” I know I used to want to give up. Who doesn’t? At least sometimes? When you see something wrong, don’t you want to fix it? Don’t you want to at least try? I remember several years ago when there an intersection near our house was too dangerous for the neighborhood children to cross to get to and from school every day. Several other parents I talked to told me all the same thing – “We already tried.”; “The officials won’t do anything.”; and “blah, blah, blah.” So, I invited those same officials out to watch a typical morning commute and I recall asking one gentleman, “Would you allow your children to cross here?” His immediate reply, “No way.” I followed that up with, “Then why should I let mine?” A trip to the county offices, a little publicity, and they came up with a solution. Not my solution, but one that was better than what we had at the time. In fact, in the past 15 years, several improvements have been made to make that intersection safer still. An Army of One. One Voice. These are all things that can create change in the world. Get frustrated and make that frustration fuel what motivates you into action. Do something! I get annoyed when people wil sit and complain about something but do nothing to change it. If it bothers you THAT much, then either live with it the way that it is or do something different. Someone once called me an “idealist” – that I was loving the ideas of what should be but wasn’t accepting the way things are. If we all did that, then nothing would change. “Create the change you want to see in the world.” MOVE!!!!!

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