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Now, I love to eat. I am not talking about actually consuming food, since I love cupcakes, pie, lobster, biscuits, etc. I love food and a variety of food, too. That is why getting up early and running was easier for me than any diet I could have self-imposed on myself. I am talking about your appetite for life. Are you nibbling away pieces here and there, hoping no one sees you? Or are you grazer where you just involved in a lot of things, but don’t really stay vested in any of them? Or do you stop and take time to savor every piece you take in and allow that nourishment to fuel your soul? Come on, think about it? Really? I was a nibbler…like a mouse. I would get just a taste and then scamper away once other people came into the room and tried to get close. I would get just enough to quench my appetite and then hurry back to my safe, hole in the wall. And patiently wait for the next opportunity to maybe get just another little bite of life. Not so much anymore. Now, new things excite me and since I have changed everything, my zest for life has changed as well. I used to feel full after just some tid bit that was left on the ground by someone else. I am constantly hungry…sometimes more like starving…for something to feed my soul. I am never satisfied and yearn for the quest in looking for new ideas, new perspectives, and new ways to grow. The best part of this kind of growing is that you never have to find bigger pants as there are 0 calories when you feed your soul. Stay hungry for life as I promise it will set afire the blaze yet to be unleashed in your heart.

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