Ocean of regret

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Are you out here? On this particular vast ocean that never seems to end and you can’t even see the shoreline anymore? Where you just drift, day by day, at the mercy of the winds and currents that you have no control over? Do you want that for your life? Most people can’t get off the ocean because they allow the ocean to dictate what happens next and the past keeps them out there. I have never really lived with regrets, but I certainly take charge of what I want more than I ever did to guarantee I don’t start now. I used to be one that would just let things slide, even if it bothered me or I disagreed with someone’s opinion. Not anymore. In fact, DM told me that she has noticed that change in me since she has known me. I might get myself into trouble when I open my mouth, but I will not swallow any more regret for keeping my mouth shut. What regrets do you have? Why do you carry them with you? Because we think we have to, but we really don’t. We are led to believe that we have to carry them along their best friend, guilt. Unless you find a way to let go of both, they will follow you along, just like a piece of ribbon on your pants, secured there only by the static that brought the two together. Get out of this vast ocean as it can lead you to drowning in self-pity and sorrow. Swim to shore…use the oars you are given…but get off the water. Let go.

Michelle Homme 2011 ©

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