The soul of a woman

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There is nothing more vast, more mysterious, or more vulnerable than the soul of a woman.  It is like an ocean…deep and dark, stretches for miles, and can drown you in her love.  Her pure existence is clear by the waves she tosses onto the people she meets, and as she takes a little bit of everyone back out with her tides, we all know that she was there.  Without a doubt, a woman’s soul is priceless when you see it, only because of what it took for her to show it to you.  No woman will just give you her soul.  You will get a piece here and there.  But you will never get it all.  EVER.  Like the sea, a woman’s soul is going to change as she continues to grow and learn who she really is and her life may lead her in ways she never imagined.  When she is hurt, she will always hurt — she just learns how to hide it among the reefs.  When she is strong — she is stronger than the force of a tsunami that began miles beneath the ocean floor.  Her soul is never silenced — even when surrounded by repeated crashing of the waves.  The calmness and beauty she shares  can captivate us and we are left to just stare at her soul.  We are in awe and when people question how we do that, we simply reply, “Do what?”  She has created the walls of her soul to be protected, just like a fortress, to make sure that it will endure day after day.  On those special occasions, we get to view one of the greatest things ever — the soul of a woman.  Her soul is complicated yet versatile, yearning for emotional support, and scarred by the rocks her soul has been tossed again, time after time.  Hesitation is preceded each time she wants to share her soul with others, never knowing if her showing her true self will bring regret later.  But how do we grow as women?  How can we give permission for other women that we understand the role her soul plays in our lives?  We need to admit that our souls are aching for the freedom that only comes from allowing a soul the gift of living.  Souls are mesmerizing when shared with other souls and connect in such a way that prevents them from every being separated, just like the many bodies of water on this planet.  They are forever connected.  The soul of a woman is energizing, refreshing, and predictable.  But every once in a while, she will surprise you with the feats she is able of accomplishing, just because she can. Her soul is exposed when she hugs you like she never wants to let you go…when she allows you to see the tears she silently cries…when her exuberance makes you smile because she skips down the street.    Ever seen the soul of a woman?  Yeah…me too.  I have caught glimpses of it now and again, and even when no one else thought I was watching, those moments stay with me forever.  Women are defined by so many external opinions by others that convincing them of anything else could seem futile.  The next time you have your feet in the sand, as the liquid ripples softly caress your skin, remember that you are on the verge of a woman’s soul.  Remember that there is always more to it than what you see.   The soul of a woman is “Better Than a Hallelujah” by Amy Grant

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