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I ask questions because I am always looking for answers.  To some, it has been looked on as a nuisance or a bother, but I view it as a way for me to better understand the way things work.  Here is where you ask yourself that ONE question that could change your life forever.  I know because I asked the question that is changing my life FOR GOOD.  I cannot go back to who I was before and this new life has become something that I cannot live without.  It has become a part of me that can never be separated from who I am.  It is a living, breathing of my very being that defines who I was born to be and where I am headed.  Have you ever asked yourself such an important question before?  Are you ready to?  Today, it was mentioned that I am courageous as I expand my horizons and embrace my journey that now includes my first book (due out in September 2013) along with other doors that are just around the corner.  What are you doing with your life?  What is the one thing that you can’t live without?  Do you love to sing?  Then, join your church choir.  Do you love to give to others?  Then, volunteer your time at a shelter.  Do you love to make things with your hands?  Then, start doing some remodeling around the house.  Once you find your passion, then you accept that you have to feed it in order for you to continue to live your full life.  There becomes a time when it can no longer be denied and pushed aside.  It must breathe.  Are you afraid to ask yourself that one question because of the Pandora’s Box it may open with the answer you are confronted with when it is all said and done? We all come to the same crossroads — the roads are just labeled differently.  But in order for you to be truly courageous, you have to let go of fear and doubt and all the uncertainty.  You have to accept your new journey and say “what if” it all matters.  In the last two years or so, I have seen friends quit jobs they have held for many years to accept the challenge of trying something new.  Some are still excited by the latest adventure that lay in front of them.  Others are busier than ever but surprised at unspoken turns that appear out of nowhere.  Where are you in your life?  I know what I can’t live without…I have to write.  The message needs to be shared to empower us all to change the world.  I have to speak so that the message  stirs feelings that have laid dormant for too long.  Once you find that one thing that you can’t live without, you will wonder how you ever lived before it became who you are and then, and only then, does your destiny become ever-present and eternally clear.  Today, I am not courageous.  Today, I am just asking questions so I know exactly what I can’t live without.  What are you doing today?

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