Quit hitting the snooze button

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You know you do it.  Just admit it.  We ALL do it.  But I am not talking about that annoying little electronic device that we need to jostle us out of our slumber so that we can take on the day.  I am talking about what we do with our lives.  When we keep pushing aside that nagging feeling that although we like what we do for a job, it still doesn’t fit just right.  Last night, I met up with some friends that I never see and in those moments that we got to “catch up”, it was great to hear how some were still trying to figure it out.  Great to hear, you may ask?  Great to hear because it means they want more…something inside is telling them “This isn’t your purpose.”  There are two types of people in this world…those that get stuck into something and those that bounce from place to place.  The first group is terrified of making that move.  They are paralyzed and just ignore the button that keeps setting off the alarms they hear.  It is like covering your head with a pillow, hoping to muffle the noise that you hope you don’t hear that is telling you to do something.  The others are a step ahead of the paralyzed ones because they are at least in motion.  They check out every option available, thinking it will be the right one, but still feeling that it doesn’t fit “just right”.  One of those friends told me last night that she likes her job, but still isn’t “just right”.  So I asked her, “What do you LOVE to do?”  She looked at me with a puzzled look and simply said, “I don’t know.”  I told her that once her answer becomes the same every time she asks that question, then she will know.  Who wants to sleep through life?  Who wants to say that “I wanted to do more, but I was afraid to or didn’t know how”? Quit laying in bed, wasting your life away.  If you want something different, go get it.  It is not going to come to you.  Stop hitting the snooze button every time you hear it.  It is telling you something!!  Just listen!!  The alarm that you keep hearing is not going to go away…it will linger, like the beginning of a headache that eventually grows into a full-blown migraine.  When the shrill of that sound alerts you into consciousness that is confusing yet exhilarating.  Stop giving yourself 5 more minutes.  Those are precious minutes you never get back.  It is time to WAKE UP!!!

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