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You HAVE to be here. There is no other way around it. I posted about being there and this might be a tag onto that as well. Quit watching life pass you by and you need to make sure you show up, because it waits for no one. Once you are born there is only one guarantee for each of us…that at some point we will die. That is a given. I didn’t show up to life until about two years ago and have made huge strides in saying what I need to say, expressing who I really am, and encouraging others to follow their dreams as I pursue my own. I did not realize that I loved to write like this…I mean I studied political science in college so there is a lot of writing that goes with that, but a slightly different subject. I have opened my heart, truly giving everything to everyone I love and care about. I am sure that I have given more than expected, but cherished all the same. Memories that are tucked away will never be forgotten. Friendships have been created on nothing more than a quick “hi” that quickly developed into something that I have never had before and will always hold dear. ALWAYS. I have gone way outside my normal comfort zone and have begun sharing my look on life and my thoughts and attitude with others and hope that it continues to make a positive impact in their lives. But you have to show up. I have to show up, too…everyday. You can’t just find an excuse and say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” NO!! The name of this blog is a cornerstone of what I have been saying all along…”IT STARTS TODAY!” Show life that you are ready to take on whatever it wants to throw your way…show people who you are…show the world what you are capable of today. Show up when people don’t expect you to and spend less time thinking about yourself. It is not always about YOU. Even when you are not sure you will do it right. Even when you are exhausted because you have been on your feet for 12 hours that day. Even when you want to run because it is easy. Show up.

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