A welcome sight

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You feel the warmth in their eyes and know you made their day. And they made yours. No one has to say it, but you know it. I sat in my car hesitating for about 10 minutes before gathering the courage to go some place I was a little nervous about going, but I needed to be strong. And then, I saw it. That through the craziness and uncertainty, I knew I was a welcome sight. I also knew that what I saw was a welcome sight just as much. When you almost sigh in relief and know you are “home”. When the smile becomes so big that you know you are showing it and you don’t even care who sees it. One of my favorites memories is pre-9/11 when we used to get to walk down to the gates and pick up my husband from a business trip with our first son. We didn’t always go, but if it wasn’t too late, Josh and I would make the small little trip to the Omaha airport to pick up “Daddy.” We never really stood towards the front of the line, but stayed back enough to let the have enough room to get off the plane and those that liked to be in front, be in front. Josh must have been about 2 when we saw his dad and went running towards Mike, saying, “Daddy!” over and Mike knelt down and scooped him up in his arms. I’m telling you…it was like a commercial. Josh seeing his dad was a welcome sight and it may be something those two don’t remember but I will, and I will always remember how I felt at that moment too. When someone shows up unexpectedly or you just are so excited with anticipation that when your eyes finally connect, you know. You just do and you become a welcome sight.

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