Saying what you need to say

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Sometimes, we do not say everything that is in our hearts at the time that it is there. We tuck it away, perhaps to said at some other time. There are ways to say what we feel without being hurtful, but also we need to take the opportunities to say what we need to, with no regrets. We never know when someone we love may move away, or suffer an illness that prevents us from releasing what is in our hearts. My husband has noticed that I am more “open” with saying what I need to say, even if nothing ever changes with what I have said. I have one family member that I tried to reach out to after many years of fake, superficial comments that just get us through awkward situations. I sent an email without blame and without specifics about what has bothered me, but more about my apologies for not trying harder at maintaining our relationship at maybe where it should be. I share a little more about the place where I am now and also admit that we are different people and that it is ok. The response I received was less than expected. I did not expect things to fix themselves, but did expect that he would want something different or acknowledge that our relationship has been “distant” for some time. Are there people in your life that you have waited to share with, waiting for the “right” moment? What happens if that moment never comes? That question came up the other day when Rocky and I went for a run as well. We cannot wait until that moment comes – say what is in your heart, instead of wishing that the moment would pass. That has been one of my promises that came through in my Life Statement. I am willing to lay it all out there – with my heart wide open – and I say what I need to say, when I need to say it. I had to with Rock, when she came back into my life and continue to do that with her. She does not usually talk like I do, but she is starting to say what she feels more too. I tell my sisters that I love them every time I get off the phone with them. I do not want to wish I had said more when I had the opportunity to do so. You can do it nicely, without hurting someone. Honesty is so treasured and we should not waste any time in sharing that with the ones we love. At any moment, things can change drastically. As John Mayer sings, “Say what you need to say…even if your hands are shaking, with your eyes wide open.” Be brave, live with no regrets, and be true to yourself – always.

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