I am paying attention! Part 2

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So I am walking into work like any other day and visit with a male co-worker who shares similar thoughts about why things happen, etc. I tell him what happened yesterday with all of the different ways Jeremiah 29:11 was coming before me. Written down, on a plaque, and via email from three different sources. This co-worker seems just as intrigued as I was yesterday as I share with him how freaked out I was and think this whole episode cannot get any weirder. How this, you say? I do not tell him the verse, but he shows me something on his phone – guess what it is – a verse?!? JEREMIAH 29:11!!! So, let me ask you…is this validation that I am on the right track for finding my purpose? Is this a message I am getting from above telling me that I have to move forward? I know this for certain…I cannot go back and have no regrets about what I have done so far. Regardless of what happens next, I have to give it everything…allowing my heart to speak after being silenced for so long. I may not succeed and the results may not come the way I expect them to, but my soul is full and joyous. Saturday, I had a lot of doubt and yet I have heard more from people who I trust that are believing in me. I cannot let them down just because not trying would be the easy thing to do. Doing nothing always is. Victoria Moran wrote, “What is so priceless about being the selves we were created to grow into is that it’s impossible to do it wrong.” Therefore, we cannot fail. We cannot succumb to doubt and questions. We MUST pay attention to what we are meant to do and trust it, with all that we are. I am humbled by the responsibility and care entrusted to me as I continue on this quest to “embrace this journey.” Every day is an absolute miracle and I treasure every moment. Live your life!

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