The runt never quits

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Some of us never know what it is like to have to fight for what we want because it for the most of our lives, things have been pretty easy.  Mostly speaking anyway.  Then, there are some of us who know what it is like to fight for everything we want in our lives, because nothing was handed to us.  Mostly speaking anyway.  You can tell the difference between the one who has life handed to her from the one that has had to push his way forward just to get a bite.  When you look at a litter of puppies, you immediately draw your eye to the one that no one notices…the one that seems smaller than the others…the one that probably doesn’t stand a chance.  But those are the ones I root for most…the ones that no one believes in…the ones that have to take more steps just to cover the same amount of ground…the one that never quits.  From an early age, those people who learned how to fight for themselves because no one else would are the ones that stand taller and are more brave now.  Even those that stopped being victimized recently who have begun to speak out and share with one another draw me to them with pure admiration that will never waver.  I know what grit tastes like and maybe you do too.  Maybe you don’t like it, but you know it when it rolls around in your gums, leaving its residue across your teeth and some of it gets embedded into your gums.  Perhaps, you know what determination feels like as you push yourself to do one more thing…just one more…so that you can say you gave it your absolute all, as you fall to your knees afterwards knowing you have no more strength in you…anywhere.  Sometimes, that runt is the one that thrives in the worst of circumstances, against all odds, because he never quit.  He may be little and people may look at him in a strange way, but he will get in there, putting fear aside, and fight.  He knows the hill that stands in front of him is mighty, but his committment to seeing it through will keep him focused on the climb.  He has to keep trying.  He has to take one step.  The runt knows that if he quits, he does…no one else will be there for him.  He has to do it for himself.  He has to believe that he is here for a reason.  And maybe that reason is to show the others who have had it so easy what it’s like to fight…to never give up…to be courageous…to go all in.  For all of us that fight our own battles in our own waysThe Warrior” by Scandal

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