That’s a cop out…and you know it!

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How many of us have found a way to make an excuse about anything?  Yes, I said…ANYTHING!!!  Then, yes, that means ALL of us!  At one time or another, we have chosen the easy road.  It is ok…we all know.  Quit pretending.  How many of us have not attempted something or run from something because it intimidates us?  We need to be honest, people!!  Again, this applies to all of us.  We can make excuses all day long as to why something does or does not get done…does or does not get said…you get the picture.  Yesterday, I had lunch with someone that I do not know very well, but have known for years and it was great to catch up, but one of the questions she asked me was, “How do you do it all…with your family, and work, and everything with this, etc?”  Well, the answer is quite simple really.  I make no excuses.  I cannot bitch about what I don’t have if I am not willing to work for what I want.  I have shied away from things that I don’t do well, even though others may think I hit my “rock star” status when I do.  But I have tried hard not to let those fears and justifications get in the way of my growing…of my being better…of my success.  How do we get better at anything?  We just have to do it.  I always find it interesting when people are willing to give you plenty of advice of what to do, but they never do it themselves.  Easier said than done, right?  Sure.  But who id the one that gets up the next morning, full of regrets and “if only’s” that could have been never even given a second thought.  Yeah…I am talking to you..right there.  Don’t give yourself a reason why you cannot change where you are.  I cannot do it for you.  You will get to that point when excuses and regrets no longer live with you.  You do your best…EVERY DAY…to give the rest of us YOUR best self.  Now, you still have a choice to make.  You can continue to cop out of life and never grow or you can change everything.  Yes, I am calling you out…whatcha got?  Life is not perfect and we can always rationalize our choices, but if we never have to cover up our disguises of what we really want, we never cop out of life.    Always enjoy the ride… “Ride” by Martina McBride

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