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When our middle son was younger, his nickname was Rudy, after the character from the movie with the same name. Sean Astin stars as a young kid whose dream is to go to Notre Dame as that his family’s team. However, he is a short kid and really does not fit for the “Fighting Irish’s” tradition for football players. After getting through one obstacle after another and wanting to quit because he was promised to get the chance to suit up (not play) on the last game of the season and the new coach decides not uphold the previous coach’s promise to Rudy. My favorite part is when the entire team decides to turn in their jersey so that Rudy can suit up. Every single member of that team was willing to give up their spot for that onegame so this kid who had devoted everything to this team could have one chance to just stand on the sidelines. One. How much committment does it take to give your all, getting beat up and thrown around, and knowing full well that you will never see the field? More than most of us would care to admit. Even on our best days. Do you know a Rudy? Perseverance, dedication and committment are such strong qualities that we sometimes do not realize how big they are until we see them all grouped together. Until adversity comes our way and we truly find out where our courage and strength come from. It comes from places we cannot find because we are looking for it. It is something we are born with, even when we don’t know it. Rudy gets more than he bargained for when with the persuading crowd chanting his name, the coach puts him in the game for the last two plays of the game. Probably even more amazing is that this is a true story. Be your own Rudy – show people what you are made of and are willing to do to see your dreams come true. They will happen not without struggle and downfall, but only after those things come to the surface. Don’t ever give up – be a Rudy!!!!

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