Nothing stays the same

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I know, I am being redundant and stating the obvious. But sometimes, we interpret change as bad, but really it just means different. Things change because people change and that is ok. Routines differ due to a new route on the way to work because of construction. Accidents happen and adjusting to a new regime becomes a way of life. Other priorities take hold of our immediate attention and that is what we focus on. We shouldn’t fight change, but accept it. Sometimes that is easier said than done. Our lives feel “normal” when we are just gliding through with near “auto-pilot” days, and then something upsets “the apple cart.” But, that is when we learn more about ourselves and what we do with the spilled apples. Do we sit by the side of the road and cry about it? Or do we pick them up, right the cart, and move on about our way as if that minor delay will teach us something somewhere down the road? It is sad sometimes when people change without warning or situations out of our control come to our front doorstep. We all can remember a time when this happened to us…friends were no longer friends…a family is torn apart…illness brings us to a new threshold of stress like we have never seen…jobs are lost…our retirement funds fall…it all comes to us at one time or another. Accept it as it is meant to be this way. Those things that change that are still present will remind us to be grateful for the little times when our old “normal” comes to visit us from time to time. We will wish for more, but understand that it is what it is.

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