Right train, wrong track

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Have you ever felt like you knew where you need to go but also came to the conclusion that the way you were going about getting there, was never going to get you where you needed to go?  I jumped tracks many years ago and have never looked back.  Although, I may have made unplanned stops along the way, pulled into stations I never saw around the bend, and picked up extra “cars” as well, I still have always felt that I have stayed true to me.  Other people would wish that I had done it their way (or maybe just a different way), but this is not their trek to take…it is mine and mine alone.  Too many times, we make a decision to takes us some place we never wanted to be and by the time we realize it, we are lost and cannot find our way back.  We spin in circles, just like we were in a round-a-bout, wondering and questioning which track will take us back to where we were.  Some tracks disappear once they have been forgotten and although that does not mean you cannot go back, maybe you can make some new tracks that are just as good.  What kind of train are you on?  Are you just coasting along, watching the scenery pass you by and you pay no mind to where you are headed?  Is the track you are on headed somewhere you want to be or did things get so out of control you are not sure how you even got there?  I think I always new what I wanted to be true and yet, I have made my share of mistakes just like the rest of you.  Have you ever wound up in a city that you never intended on visiting?  How does that make you feel?  Yes, it can put you in shock and out of sorts, until you get your bearings.  There is nothing that says you need to stay on the track you are on.  You can change it.  It doesn’t have to be this way if you want something different.  As the sun comes up today, reflect on what track you are on and make sure it is the right one.  Your heart and soul will never take you some place that you are not destined to be.

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