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Last night, I found myself caught up in one of my favorite, true-story, movies and of course have to watch the end to make it all worth while.  It is mind-blowing at what this young man believed about his destiny and where he should be even when others didn’t believe him and literally, knocked him down.  When they hit harder, he answered by getting up every, single time.  He had the last word and he was not going to let obstacles get in the way of his dream.  No financial hardship, no friends, no support from family was going to prevent him from seeing this through.  His tenacity to constantly recommit to his heart and what it was telling him always inspires me.  He searches for a way to prove to everyone else that his hard work has paid off, but keeps trying to do more and eventually he doesn’t get something that was promised to him.  His teammates rally behind him and are willing to bow out so that he can have his time in the spotlight — a mere 10 seconds or so — and he relishes every tick of the clock.  Instead of trying to prove something to anyone else, we should be focused on trying to prove something to ourselves.  That’s when I recommit to why I am here and why my responsibility is so important.  It sends a message.  The message is not in the words written behind these words — they are just these words.  What do you HAVE to do?  Why?  Would you live with regrets if you did not see it through?  Then, what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to sit there and let things happen or get busy living your life?  Is giving up the first thing you think of when it gets difficult?  Or do you find a way to learn something and move forward?  “Proof is in the pudding” is a saying that I have heard and/or mentioned in conversation lately and it reminds me that words don’t really mean that much if they are not followed up by action.  Anyone can talk, but it takes something special to really make something happen.  Every once in a while I need reminded about all the talking I do and wonder if I really step up to the plate when I encourage everyone else to and I have started doing more of that in the last couple of weeks.  Opening new doors is not as intimidating as it once was and I now I may actually seek the doors out.  People hear what you say but admire you when you stand against the grain and prove it!

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