Someone has to go first…

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don’t they?  Someone ALWAYS has to go first.  There is always a pioneer of something never thought of before (think Steve Jobs) that somehow finds a way to make the impossible possible.  Whether it is something said or done, there is a first time for everything.  Have you ever had to be the first to do anything?  Maybe you are the lead-off batter when you play baseball or softball.  Where you the first one in your family to graduate from college?  You know what those people that are first do — they pave the way for the rest of us that didn’t have the courage to go first.  We look at them afterwards and maybe think to ourselves, “Well, that wasn’t so bad.  Maybe I could do that too.”  And then, it begins to happen.  You know it and I know it.  Maybe the idea isn’t new this time, but maybe someone just finds a way to make it better.  Have you ever wanted to be the first at something and didn’t know what it was so you sat around waiting for the chance to come that never does?  It won’t come to you…you have to decide to be first.  If you sit around waiting for your opportunity to be first, you might as well get used to sitting in cobwebs.  I am paraphrasing this quote, but it goes something like, “When you make the uncommon things look easy and they are done in a common way, that is what people find fascinating.”  Is there something that you could be doing that needs to be addressed in a different way?  Can you make it better?  You don’t have to do it perfect and you will probably fail more times than you succeed.  But you will learn and teach everyone that you can make an impact on what we see before us.  We welcome and cherish it.  It is what connects us beyond any mere association with a mutual friend on Facebook.  The greatest disservice any of us can ever leave on this world when we have a responsibility to do more.  Someone has to go first.  Might as well be you.  Might as well be me.  Be an Army of One.  It Starts Today.

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